First Annual Lean Summit In Partnership With Marmon Electrical Group

Last month, we hosted our first annual Lean Summit in partnership with Marmon Electrical Group. During the 4-day conference, we gathered with plant managers and CI champions from 15 companies at various stages in their lean journey. Together, we explored how to improve Lean implementation, shared best practices, and perhaps most importantly, built connections with leaders who share similar challenges. 

“We all face similar hurdles and yet have the same cultural goals,” said Trevor Bosen, Executive Director of Operations at Comtran. “This was a singular opportunity to network, collaborate, and benchmark with the other plant managers and CI leaders–a great chance to learn from each other.”

Throughout the week, we discussed how to apply some critical tools needed for a successful lean transformation. In addition to a session on strategic planning and benchmarking tours at innovative companies implementing Lean, we also customized content from several of CI-CG’s standard course offerings. These included Kaizen Conversations, one of our new workshops that equips leaders to have difficult conversations in a productive way, and Strategic Management In Lean Enterprises (SMILE), a course that helps leaders differentiate their role in the strategic and tactical execution of Lean Six-Sigma. 

Those who attended the Lean Summit are now not only equipped with the knowledge to progress on their Lean journey, but with a network of peers doing similar work who they can turn to for support and shared innovation in the future. We look forward to building upon this foundation with another convening in 2023. Stay tuned for more information.