Kaizen Conversations: Difficult Discussions Made Easy

Do you dread difficult conversations in the workplace? We can help!

Whether an employee is consistently late, not meeting performance standards, or struggling with personal issues, knowing how to have honest, candid conversations is critical element of continuous improvement.

That’s why CI-CG has launched Kaizen Conversations, a new workshop to help leaders at all levels give feedback in a way that is comforting, yet sincere and direct.

What if—instead of considering these difficult topics—we approached them as Kaizen Conversations? In Japanese, the word kaizen means “good change,” or continuous improvement. And that’s exactly what we aim to cultivate in these discussions.

This 5-hour workshop, offered in-person and virtually, equips employees, supervisors, and managers to use PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) as a roadmap for navigating “difficult” conversations. Participants will leave not only with tools to communicate about challenging topics, but with experience using them in high-impact case studies and dynamic role plays.

“Kaizen Conversations helped me have a conversation on personal hygiene last week,” one past participant recently shared with us. “Not only was I more confident, I actually opened a channel for better communication and built trust at the same time.”

Kaizen Conversations will expedite your continuous improvement efforts by giving your team the knowledge, skills, and confidence to handle difficult conversations with ease.

For more information about upcoming and custom sessions, please reach out to Sarah Harward at sarah@ci-cg.com.