Leadership Program at Marmon A&D Naples

At CI-CG, we believe that investing in the next generation of lean leaders is critical for any successful lean enterprise. That’s why we’re working with frontline leaders, like extrusion operator Ryan Worthington at Marmon A&D Naples, to equip them with the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to progress in their careers. 

Ryan recently told us how meaningful it is to have leaders believe and invest in him.

“As I’m getting older and gaining experience in the industry, it’s nice to be able to talk about taking a leadership course or leadership training… even talking to the experienced guys to learn how they got to their positions,” he said. “It gives me an avenue to take as a next step within the company.”

Ryan is also a candidate for the Leadership Academy we’re helping plan as part of a larger Lean Summit with Marmon Electrical this fall. The Leadership Academy provides an opportunity for emerging leaders to take the next step in developing their leadership abilities, while the Lean Summit equips plant managers and business unit presidents to lead the entire operation. 

For more information about the Leadership Academy and Lean Summit, reach out to Jims Porter at jims@ci-cg.com