Kerite: Benefits of Promoting Your Lean Culture to Potential Customers

Marmon Electrical's Kerite Company in Seymour, Connecticut, recently produced a video of a tour of their plant, which also takes a potential customer through the process of manufacturing one of their flagship cable products. 

Going on their 3rd year of training with CI and having become proficient in Lean practices, they felt it was important to promote to prospects not only their plant and cable products, but also their Lean culture. Lean culture means they care about their employees, and their employees take responsibility, and are well trained in multiple processes. It means they stand above their competitors, and their products and manufacturing processes are well thought out. It means minimal waste and faster lead times. 

Sharing your Lean culture with potential customers is a good idea because it shows your company is a good bet for becoming a valued, long term supplier. 

Plant manager Paul Tetreault talks about their Lean culture at the close of their plant tour video. You can see Paul's Lean commentary below.