Reimagining Employee Development: Building the Next Generation of Leaders

Did you know employees at the average company receive less than 12 minutes of training every 6 months? With such a systematic underinvestment in employee development, it’s no wonder many companies struggle to develop a leadership pipeline and promote from within.

Last week, we met with a national manufacturer to develop an innovative plan to build their next generation of Lean leaders. Together, we reimagined what an employee development program could look like for their company–one that recognizes the many skill sets required to run a Lean operation.

Our team at CI-CG gathered with the plant manager, HR manager, and members of the production team to hold a Design Conference where we discussed the most important skills for frontline Leads and Supervisors to meet their key responsibilities. After distilling a comprehensive list, we identified where the major gaps were in their existing workforce so we could begin developing an appropriate training plan.

It’s important to dream big when building your employee development programs. After all, your workforce is your strongest asset and the source of most innovative continuous improvement ideas. Supporting their personal and professional growth not only benefits them as individuals, it drives the bottom line. Deloitte reports that companies who prioritize learning experience have 37 percent higher productivity and are 92 percent more likely to innovate–not to mention 17% more likely to be a market share leader. 

And dreaming big is exactly what we helped our client do, sketching out the plans for a 6-9 month highly-customized extended learning program, replete with in-person workshops, peer mentoring, and opportunities to travel to other company sites to learn from their contemporaries. With support from the top down and engagement from stakeholders at all levels of the organization, we’re eager to see the return on this critical investment.

We’d love to hear what creative ways you’re ensuring the development of your young leaders. Sound off in the comments! 

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