general questions

We highly recommend you take the entire Virtual Leadership Series. However, if you have special needs around a specific topic, please reach out and we can discuss how we can meet your needs.

Our Virtual Leadership series is good for anyone who wants to become a better servant leader who empowers their people to be independent workers. This couples well with Lean Six Sigma methodologies and is thereby a good fit for anyone seeking to become a lean champion. Our Leadership from Within series is for emergent leaders, while our Primary Leadership course is geared toward frontline employees with leadership potential. Our Green Belt course is designed to help create change agents within your company, while the Black Belt course is primarily for those focused on improving quality.

All of our classes are geared around helping employees better themselves and their organizations .Focusing on various continuous improvement tools, we help strengthen technical, interpersonal and managerial skills. There is simple homework that helps the participants put into practice the concepts learned that week.

Due to challenges with COVID-19, most of our courses are currently only offered virtually. That said, we do provide on-site training on occasion. Please reach out and we can discuss how we can meet your needs.

We currently offer our Leadership from Within series in Spanish and English. Primary Leadership, Green and Black Belt certifications are only available in English for the time being.

In order to fully participate, each student needs access to their own computer or laptop with a working webcam and microphone. For the best quality instruction, we strongly discourage having multiple people use the same computer to participate.

Everything you’ll need will be provided, with the exception of One Minute Manager, the required reading for Leadership from Within. You can order it through your local bookstore or purchase it on Amazon.

Most of our courses are capped at 10-12 participants. This allows us to customize content and provide individualized attention to participants.

Yes, you can enroll a group of your own employees or you can join a class with a mix of students from diverse industries.

Yes, all certificates will state the number of continuing ed credits per class, though it may vary from institution and state whether they are accepted.

Our practical, hands-on curriculum has been developed not only to equip participants with technical knowledge, but to help them gain real experience applying that knowledge. By the same token, our instructors come from diverse professional backgrounds, helping apply our methodologies across sectors and industries.


Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is a combined methodology that seeks to improve your business by focusing on the reduction of waste and variation in your processes. Lean uses a variety of tools like 5S, SMED, Value Stream Mapping, and Total Productive Maintenance to improve flow and reduce, if not eliminate, the 8 forms of waste (see below). Six Sigma seeks to improve quality and reduce variation by following a structured, data-driven problem solving method known as DMAIC or Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control.

The 8 forms of waste come from the Toyota Production System and are universally recognized as deadly ways your company is doing things that are not adding value to your product and therefore, your customers are not willing to pay for it. They are known by the acronym “TIMWOODS” and are Transportation, Inventory, Motion, Waiting, Overproduction, Overprocessing, Defects, and Skills

If you have processes and are looking to develop leaders who are passionate about problem solving, then we are confident we can be of service to you. That being said, a large portion of our work is done in the manufacturing realm, but we have a diverse team that has experience in [Automotive, Insurance, Non-Profit, Wire and Cable, among others]. 

Our LSS Green Belt course requires 40 hours of online class time, plus homework and quizzes, followed by a final exam. You must then complete a project within 6 months of the course’s completion, of which the charter and final report out are verified as complete by the course instructor. 

Our LSS Black Belt follows a similar structure to our Green Belt, but with more detail and a larger scope project. It will entail 40 hours of online class instruction time, with a completed project that shows measurable gains to the bottom line, as well as a demonstrated list of Black Belt level tools of which you have shown competency. 

With a new client, a Lean assessment is the most natural way to start. This gives both our team as well as you and your organization a base line for what your current state looks like. Then, we can discuss natural next steps for you in your Continuous Improvement journey and how we might be able to support you in that transformation. Contact us for a quote. 

It depends – we have seen fantastic results in the COVID era by way of our virtual leadership and LSS work, but we also recognize that some of the momentum that can come from live training and implementation is lost over online sessions. Schedule a call today with one of our team members and we can help talk through what you are seeking to accomplish and what might be a natural starting point for your company

We have several consultants that currently do 1-on-1 coaching on leadership and Lean, but we review those opportunities on a case by case basis.

We would be happy to consider any project that your company needs to succeed – schedule a call with us and let’s talk about what you’re envisioning!

Lean and Six Sigma thinking has been proven to make measurable gains in a variety of fields in numerous ways. Benefits to expect from a Continuous Improvement journey would include, but not be limited to: 

• Safer work environments

• Higher customer satisfaction

• New customers

• Better quality products or services

• Empowered teams and leaders

• Defect reduction

• Reduced lead times

• Bottom line improvement

• Just-in-Time Production

CI is a cultural change. One in which individual actions shape the behaviors of teams which in turn changes the entire culture of an organization to make small improvements every day to improve processes, reduce waste, and better satisfy our customers. We agree with Lean founder Taiichi Ohno when he said “Progress cannot be generated when we are satisfied with existing situations.” If you also agree, let’s see where we can help support you and turn that feeling of dissatisfaction into measurable results that will be sustained for years to come. 

Green Belt classes

The Green Belt Class schedule is designed to minimize interruptions of the participants’ regular work schedule.  The class meets over a week period with every other week being an off week.  For example a typical class would be as follows: 

Week #1 class will meet on Mon - Thur for 2.5 hours each day.

Week #2 – No classes. 

Week #3 class will meet on Mon - Thur for 2.5 hours each day.

Week #4 – No classes.

Week #5 class will meet on Mon – Thur for 2.5 hours each day.

Week #6 – No classes. 

Week #7 class will meet on Mon – Thur for 2.5 hours each day.

Yes. There is one individual assignment due during the first week of class.  There are also 4 Team assignments that will require effort outside of class.  There are also discussion questions assigned at the end of each day for group discussion at the next class session.

Yes. “Paradigm Shift: The CI-CG Green Belt Guidebook”, which was written by our instructors, will be provided to each participant prior to the start of class.  This textbook is for the participant to keep so they can make notes and/or highlight text to meet their personal needs.

Yes.  Each participant must lead a team to compete a project within their own facility.  The project must be approved by their supervisor and reviewed by our team prior to starting.  Our team must also review the report out at the end of the project.  Projects need to be completed by 6 months after the last day of class.

Unexpected circumstances occasionally arise and if we know you are going to miss a class, even at the
last minute, we will record the class and provide you with a link to review it at your convenience.  Missing classes does not relieve any participant from the responsibility to turn in assignments or team project participation.  If you know you are going to miss several sessions or an entire week, for vacation or some other event, it might be best to schedule a different class session that does not conflict with your other commitments.

Yes.  There are weekly quizzes for the first three training weeks and a final at the end of the class.  We also record points for participation in daily discussions and classes, as well as for individual and team projects.  There are a total of 250 points possible for the course, with a minimum score of 200 points (80%) required for successful completion.